Do I need a full face MTB helmet?

Posted by BC on Apr 21st 2021

Do I need a full face MTB helmet?

Many mountain bike riders are asking themselves if full face helmet is the way to go. If you’re a hardcore rider who likes to go fast and take on difficult trails, then you should be wearing a full-face helmet, particularly if you are into downhill or enduro. Safety is never in question!

Full-face helmets not only reduce the risk of serious head and brain injury, but they also fully protect your chin and teeth. If  you’ve ever hit a tree with your face before, you know that  your confidence can be affected by it, you might feel a whole lot safer opting for a full-face.

The range of full-face helmets we offer provide superior comfort and ventilation, are lightweight and offer maximum protection. The great thing about our helmets is that we offer full-face DH and Enduro helmets, featuring a removable chinbars that allows you to convert your full-face into an open face, as the situation suits. To browse our full range of  MTB helmets & safety gear, Click Here!

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