Primal Wear

Primal's purpose is to help our partners pursue their passion.

We do this by blending design, craftsmanship, and service to create extraordinary cycling apparel.

Cycling is our passion, apparel is our craft, giving back has become our way of life.


Bike Clothing – Apparel for the Cycling Enthusiast Fit, function and fashion are three of the most important factors when it comes to choosing the right bike clothing and cycling apparel. Primal's line of bike clothes for men, which includes active/casual apparel, jerseys, bottoms, outerwear and more, covers all three of those criteria. You'll look and feel great as your cruising around town from the seat of your bicycle. Fit Choose from a variety of fits to match your biking needs. Whether you prefer a tight, fitted look or a loose, comfortable style that is typical of mountain biking clothes, you'll find the perfect match to your cycling preferences at Primal. You can go the casual route with a simple t-shirt or look like a professional cyclist with a jersey. If you're looking for full-body bike clothes, try one of our kits, which include a matching jersey and bib that help you create a uniform look. With so many types of bike clothing, you're sure to find an outfit that's perfect for you. Function It's no secret that function is key to helping you perform your best and our bike clothing is made using fabulous fabrics that serve a purpose. With technology that wicks moisture from your skin and helps to regulate your body temperature, you'll stay drier and cooler for longer periods of time to help you have a more enjoyable adventure. Many of the shirts also feature a rear zipper pocket so you can store any important items that you need to bring along for the ride. Don't settle for your average workout gear. Perform at your best with mountain bike clothing that is made specifically for hitting the trail. Fashion Why settle for just feeling great when you can look great too? With lots of fashionable colors and prints, you can easily take these bike clothes from the street to everyday life. At Primal, we create so much more than just mountain bike clothing. Try the active/casual line of men's shirts to find tops that easily transition from riding-the-bike clothes to running errands or grabbing a coffee with friends. Feel comfortable and confident whether you're cycling or just living life. There's more to biking clothes than just the basics. Don't forget to bring the extra accessories to make your biking adventure even better. From arm and leg warmers that help maintain body temperature to gloves that protect your hands from blisters, these add-ons can help you go the extra mile. Get ready to look good and feel great on your next bicycling adventure and shop Primal.