KINEKT 2.1 XL2 Aluminum Suspension Seatpost for Riders (240-320lbs)

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KINEKT 2.1 XL2 Aluminum Suspension Seatpost for Riders (240-320lbs)

The NEW KINEKT 2.1 Aluminum Seatpost is now available in our new XL2!


Kinekt Comfort Seatposts is happy to launch our new XL2 seatpost specially developed for those riders who weigh between 240- 320 pounds. This new design lets ALL riders enjoy more comfort and have a better experience cycling. It’s also ideal for those using E-Bikes, which are heavier and transmit more vibration through the bike. Feel Comfort in Motion!


The KINEKT Aluminum 2.1 Seatpost XL2 is the perfect accessory for our heavier riders looking to improve their experience on the bike. The KINEKT XL2 effectively isolates your body from surface vibrations and impacts. This isolation improves comfort, control, and confidence, which ultimately leads to a more enjoyable ride.


All posts come with an extra spring so you can mix and match, creating a custom experience.


Features Include: 

  • Interchangeable springs
  • Adjustable pre-load bolt
  • Available in 27.2mm, 30.9mm, 31.6mm diameter*
  • Available in Short (350mm) or Long (420mm)
  • Setback 12 mm (3.1) 25 mm (3.0)
  • Travel 0-35mm
  • Weight 525g to 566G
  • To determine your post size, remove your current seatpost from the bike, towards the bottom is should have the size printed,(27.2, 30.9 31.6)
  • For Riders (240-320lbs)
  • Springs are different colors based on weight
  • *NOTE: Shims are available if you have a post between sizes.