The Fastest Triathlon Aerobar?

Posted by Vision Tech USA on May 26th 2021

The Fastest Triathlon Aerobar?

The Vision Metron TFA Aerobar

Developed according to the feedback from teams and athletes involved in races all over the world, the Metron TFA Aerobar represents the ultimate solution for TT and Triathlon aerobars. The Metron TFA features the next generation of integrated aerodynamics, fit and adjustability along with a patent pending Snakebite stem allowing for a flip-able base bar with internal cable routing.

Metron TFA

FIND YOUR FIT WITH THE FASTEST AEROBAR: the next level of adjustability with integrated aerodynamics. The new Metron Aerobar system features a flip -flop carbon wing basebar, ergonomic extensions and a snakebite stem which integrates the system together. This allows for an internal Di2 junction box with internal cable routing along with one of the highest adjustable AM option currently available. Fit increments in various dimensions are the foundation of the Metron Aerobar design and are easily adjustable with no occluded bolts. Buy Here